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About Me

Samantha-Ellen Bound is an author, editor and freelance writer.

She has also worked in the publishing industry as a bookseller for academic and independent bookstores. Other jobs include a reviewer, speaker, and book blogger.


Her short stories have won national awards and been published in literary journals. She specialises in Middle Grade and YA fiction.


Sam-Ellen is a graduate of RMIT's Professional Publishing & Editing program, and is completing her Masters in Editing and Communications at the University of Melbourne. She holds a Bachelor in Creative Arts, also from the University of Melbourne.

In Sam-Ellen’s spare time you can find her ballroom dancing, racking up library fines from unreturned books, hiking, and cooing to her vegetables and herbs. She is the proud mother of one rabbit, small in stature but big in attitude.


Her favourite themes to explore are coming-of-age, mental health, and magic realism.