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Cassy Polimeni talks Hating Alison Ashley - KidLit Classics podcast Season 2, Episode 11

About this episode’s KidLit Classic:

Hating Alison Ashley, written and published by Robin Klein in the 1980s, is an endearing classic of Aussie #LoveOZMG and #LoveOzYA kidlit.

In this episode children's author and editor Cassy Polimeni discusses reading this book as a child and reading it as an adult, its popularity and legacy, and the themes of class and adolescent insecurity that underpin the Erica vs Ashley drama. We have a dramatic reading and Cassy tells us about her new picture book, The Garden at the End of the World, and why so many Aussie authors write across categories and genres.

About this week’s guest, Cassy Polimeni

Cassy is a freelance editor and children's/YA author. She was the editor of Destinations Australia magazine and has also worked as a TV book reviewer. The Garden at the End of the World, released in 2023, is her first picture book.

Connect with Cassy Polimeni on Instagram: @cassy_polimeni / Website: confessionsofawordwrangler.

Connect with host Sam-Ellen Bound: Instagram @samellenb / Website

Find out more about Robin Klein website

Buy Hating Alison Ashley here

Mentioned in podcast:

Queenie in Seven Moves by Zanni Louise

Accidentally Kelly Street by Briony Stewart

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