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COVER REVEAL - Seven Wherewithal Way 02 Across the Ice and Into the Jungle

Out October 25 with Affirm Press!

I've seen the cover popping up everywhere so thought it was about time I do the 'official' reveal. Flavia Sorrentino has once again worked her fairytale magic to create this beauty, complete with gold foil and Celeste and Logan having a little peek into the Realm of Ice!

So what's book 02 about?

Celeste and Esme are spirited away back to Seven Wherewithal Way to help Ferd and Logan find more hagstones, rescue Guardians, and save Wherewithal from the clutches of The Order of the Golden Quills!

An attempt to mount a rescue in the Realm of Jungle goes awry, and they become trapped in the Realm of Ice. Here they must shiver their way through ice caps, fiords and snowy mountains - not to mention a bunch of malevolent beasties - as they try to find the hagstone before the fearsome Draugr gets there first.

There's also a wee adventure to the Realm of Jungle - sweaty, vibrant, dangerous, also with a bunch of beasties - that culminates in a full-on showdown in an enchanted jungle.

There's dinosaurs (can't thank my editor Meg enough for letting me keep those in)! There's epic battle showdowns! There's even more bickering and bantering. There's Esme's irrelevant insults and Pan's sneaky slyfooting. There's big feelings and new characters. Plus all the usual action, adventure, and appearances from some Scandinavian and South American folklore legends. It's always about the folklore, folks, and bringing this classic lore to light in fun and exciting ways.

It was so much fun and I've had to conjure up some of my own magic to get it done in time! But get it done I did. And it's out on October 25! That's only two months!

You can pre-order here.


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