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Rowan Simpkin from NCACL talks Pastures of the Blue Crane, KidLit Classics S2 Episode 14

About this episode’s KidLit Classic:

Pastures of the Blue Crane is a 1964 #LoveOzYA written by Hesba Brinsmead. It is a classic coming-of-age story infused with the Australian landscape and racial issues of the time.

In this episode, National Centre for Australian Children's Literature volunteer Rowan Simpkin discusses how this book's quintessential 'Australian-ness' appealed to her as a coming-of-age story, about the way it invokes landscape and explores racial prejudice, and of the enormous importance of institutions dedicated exclusively to children's literature.

About NCACL:

The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature is a comprehensive collection of resources about Australian authors, illustrators, publishers and their creative works.

The collection includes over 53,000 books and holds a unique part of Australia's cultural and literary heritage.

Connect with NCACL: Twitter: @NatCentAusChLit / Website:

Connect with host Sam-Ellen Bound: Instagram @samellenb / Website

Find out more about Hesba Brinsmead here

Buy Pastures of the Blue Crane here

Books Mentioned in Podcast:

Colin Thiele

Finding Our Heart by Thomas Mayo

Beach Birds by Bridget Farmer

Contemporary Books Similar to POTBC:

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