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Samantha-Ellen Bound

Website of Australian children's author Samantha-Ellen Bound
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About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting!


I'm an author, writer, editor and now podcaster.​

I write middle grade and junior fiction, but have also written fiction for adults

(with a child narrator, of course!) I love short fiction as well, and have been published in various Australian literary journals and won national prizes for my short stories. I've worked with books and stories for a long time, as a bookseller, reviewer, blogger, editor, in education, in marketing, you name it!

I am very much here for #LoveOzYa and #LoveOzMG


You can read all about my books and writing and love of children's literature on this site. You can also listen to my podcast, KidLit Classics.

 What else makes my heart go boom?

Dancing in all its forms, especially latin and ballroom. Returning library books late without fail, hiking, crafting, going all green witch in my garden, splashing around in the ocean

pretending I'm a mermaid. You know, the usual.

My life is ruled by a brown lop rabbit: small in stature but big in attitude.​


My favourite themes to explore in my writing are coming-of-age stories, mental health, folklore and mythology and magic realism.


Little Red Riding Hood
Autumn Girl
Dry Leaf
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I am repped by Jacinta di Mase Management

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