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Silver Shoes books 1-4

Meet four very different girls who all have one thing in common – they love to dance!

#1 And All That Jazz

Eleanor Irvin is ten years old, and dancing is her everything. Tap, ballet, lyrical, and ballroom – she's tried it all.
Miss Caroline, the owner of Silver Shoes Dance Studio, will be selecting dancers to perform in the upcoming Jazz Groove Dance Competition. Ellie thinks she's a shoe-in, but there's only one problem, she hates auditions! And her dance enemy, Jasmine, seems determined to ruin her chances. And the new girl, Ashley, is really talented. Will Ellie be able to overcome her nerves and hold on to the spotlight?

#2 Hit the Streets
After managing to convince the other girls that she isn't a spy from rival school Dance Art, Ash feels like she is finally starting to fit in at Silver Shoes. It's love at first dance when Ash decides to try hip hop classes. But when her family's financial troubles mean that she might not be able to continue the lessons, Ash's dreams are shattered. How is she meant to ‘hit it' when her mum can't even afford to buy her new dance shoes?

#3 Breaking Pointe

Riley's favourite style of dance is ballet and she's good at it too, with great technique and natural athleticism. However it's not only dancing she loves - it's all sports, especially basketball and athletics.
Riley's normally happy to ignore everyone who says she does too much, and is excited to participate in the upcoming Southern Ballet Eisteddfod. But one fouette too late, she realises that it clashes with two of her other sporting commitments!

Was everyone else right? Will Riley have to choose between dancing and sport, or can she have it all?

#4 Dance Till You Drop

Paige's mum wants her to be the best dancer ever. But what does Paige want? With a ballroom competition coming up and her waltz looking less than graceful, Paige's confidence starts to crack and dancing no longer seems like much fun. Paige wants to make everyone happy, but before she knows it her best friend Ellie isn't speaking to her and Benji, her ballroom partner, has walked out! Will Paige find her voice and speak up before she loses her friends and her love of dance forever?

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