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Silver Shoes books 5-8

Meet four very different girls who all have one thing in common – they love to dance!

#5 Broadway Baby

Ellie has a new love – musical theatre! She is determined to become a ‘triple threat' and has dreams of making it big on Broadway. Her chance to leap into this world comes when auditions for a grand musical are announced. Ellie is sure she has what it takes to be a star of the stage! But she's never tap-danced before, and of course her biggest competition, Cadence Kohdean, can. Will Ellie be able to tap her way to the top and become a leading lady?

#6 Lights, Camera, Dance
Ash is a true hip hop girl, but it seems a reggae-inspired dance style may have stolen her heart! When an agent comes to Silver Shoes looking for the best junior dancers, everyone wants to strut their stuff. Ash's smooth dancehall moves grab the agent's attention, and Ash has a shot at dancing in the coolest hip hop star's new music video! But while Ash normally brings the attitude, on set her old Dance Art enemies are putting her off her game. Will Ash find her 'flava', or will dancehall be her downfall?

#7 Rhythm and Blues

When Riley sprains her ankle playing basketball and has to miss three weeks of dancing, Miss Caroline makes Riley her personal assistant instead. But while Riley may be one of the best dancers at Silver Shoes, as a teacher her friends are finding her just a little too bossy. And will her impatience to get back out on the dance floor and master the routine for her upcoming lyrical exam end up making her injury even worse?

#8 Studio Showdown

Paige has always done many different styles of dance, but now she must be a choreographer! Miss Caroline assigns Paige and Ellie a junior class and challenges them to put together a jive-style dance for the end-of-year concert. Paige is thrilled to be choreographing with her best friend until she realises they have completely different ideas about what they want to do! Uh oh!

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