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Ailsa Wild talks The Dark is Rising - Kidlit Classics podcast Episode 6

About this episode’s KidLit Classic:

The Dark is Rising is the second book in Susan Cooper's classic British fantasy series known as The Dark is Rising sequence. Published in 1984, it was a Newberry Honour book and draws heavily on British and Celtic mythology and Arthurian legend.

In this episode we discuss just what Will Stanton finds out about himself on one very wintry Midwinter's Eve, how it was the first book children's author Ailsa Wild totally immersed herself in, how it influenced her and children's literature in general, and the power and magic of Susan Cooper's prose. As always, we finish with a dramatic reading.

About this week’s guest, Ailsa Wild:

Ailsa Wild was a professional whip-cracker who ran away from the circus to become a writer. She is now an author, performer and community artist with a history of deep collaboration. She has written best-selling junior fiction series, her 2016 YA graphic novel The Invisible War won many awards, and she is the lead writer of Small Friends Books where she works with microbiologists, and other scientists to create science-adventure picture books. She is the host of 'Dementia Podcast: Starting Conversations'.

Connect with Ailsa Wild Instagram: @ailsawild / Website:

Connect with host Sam-Ellen Bound: Instagram @samellenb / Website

To find out more about Susan Cooper go here

Buy The Dark is Rising here

Listen to the BBC audio drama here

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