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Fionna Cosgrove talks Goosebumps, KidLit Classics S2 Episode 18

Halloween special! About this episode’s KidLit Classic:

Goosebumps, first released in the 1990s by R.L. Stine, has become a phenomenon of popular culture, the second biggest-selling children's series of all time. Its winning combination of funny, spooky, creepy, and icky body horror made readers out of many young children.

Connoisseur of the creepy, children's author Fionna Cosgrove, discusses horror for kids, why Goosebumps is such a cultural icon, and memories of a 90s book-loving childhood. We have a chilling reading, and Fionna talks about releasing her own spooky middle grade Choose-You-Own-Adventure books. Reader beware, you're in for a scare ...

About Fionna Cosgrove:

Fionna had her work published in multiple anthologies and won several writing competitions before she published her middle grade Twisted Trails series in 2023, and has a MG spooky mystery coming out in 2024with Dragonfly Publishing. She is the creator of the horror-themed bookstagram @are_you_afraid_of_the_books

Connect with Fionna: Website:

Connect with host Sam-Ellen Bound: Instagram @samellenb / Website

Buy Goosebumps here

R.L. Stine's website here

Key titles mentioned in Podcast:

Are You Afraid of the Dark (tv show)

Small Spaces Quartet by Katherine Arden

The Deadly Daylight by Ash Harrier

Fright Watch by Lorien Lawrence

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