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Mike Lucas talks Children's Poetry & Stephen King - KidLit Classics podcast Season 2, Episode 13

About this episode’s KidLit Classic:

Children's poetry, especially nonsense verse, has always been a great way for children to engage with language, ideas, and creative thinking. And Stephen King was the author of choice for many young readers moving on from children's books.

In this episode author and poet Mike Lucas chats about poetry for kids - why is it important in engaging young readers, and how has discussion around it changed over the years? And he may not be a 'kidlit classic', but Stephen King has been a milestone author for many young readers. What is his long-standing appeal, and how has he influenced Mike's own writing?

About this week’s guest, Mike Lucas

Mike was born in Plymouth, England, and moved to Australia in 2010. He is the author of several picture books and poetry anthologies and of the YA novel What We All Saw. With his wife, Becky, Mike runs Shakespeare's bookshop in Blackwood, SA, is one of the main organisers of the Adelaide Festival of Children's Books, and also works full-time as an engineer.

Connect with Mike Lucas on Instagram: @mikelucasauthor / Website:

Connect with host Sam-Ellen Bound: Instagram @samellenb / Website

Find out more about Stephen King website

Buy Nothing Solemn here

Mentioned in podcast:

Cop and Robber by Tristan Bancks

The Call of Cthulu by HP Lovecraft

All the Broken Places by John Boyne

Buy children's poetry here

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