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Media for Seven Wherewithal Way

Seven Wherewithal Way has been out for one week, and although it has been a strange experience releasing the book in lockdown, I have been really busy promoting it and filming videos and interviews, and writing articles, and generally trying to give it as much love and support on its way out into the big wide bookish world!

First up, LOOK at this stunning trailer for Seven Wherewithal Way, created by Affirm Press. I ADORE the Pirates of the Caribbean vibes.

Here are some links to a couple of podcasts I have done:

Chat with Julie from Middle Grade Mavens about the book, my journey to being published, and what the process was like from planning to publishing Seven Wherewithal Way:

Chat with Good Reading Magazine about magical realms and how they inspired Seven Wherewithal Way

And lastly, a video where I talk a bit about the book - what it's about, what inspired it, the characters, and what I hope readers take away.


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