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Short story 'Paper Crowns' in 'The Opposite of Disappearing' anthology

May I present to you, a little unboxing/unpackaging of The Opposite of Disappearing - an anthology of short stories that my story, 'Paper Crowns', is featured in.

These fourteen short stories are a beautiful and touching collection of moments that explore connectivity, resilience, grief and the small ways to navigate the uncertainties of life.

My story is set at a family ski lodge on a snowy winter's night, where one young girl tasked to look after her little brother, is welcomed into adulthood in the worst possible way. I love to explore rather morbid coming-of-age themes in my short stories, and this one is no exception - but it's also kind of beautiful in its lonely, icy way.

The whole collection works together wonderfully, and personally I think there are a lot of stories that young people will really relate to - lots of little revelatory gut punch moments and situations where life comes flooding in, in a wonderful, devastating, beautiful, glorious mess of feelings and emotions.

Officially out in September but you can pre-order from


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