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Allison Tait talks Callie's Castle, KidLit Classics S2 Episode 16

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

About this episode’s KidLit Classic:

Callie's Castle, by NZ-Aussie kidlit legend Ruth Park, was published in1974, the first book about Callie Cameron, her family, their big old house, and the perils of growing up.

Children's author, podcaster and kidlit specialist Allison Tait discusses how Callie was a character she instantly connected with, and how this story - with its big heart, empathy, and understanding of family dynamics - is one that has subtly influenced her own work. We have a dramatic reading, and Allison talks about her new contemporary #LoveOZMG, her writing trajectory, and the 'business' of being a writer.

About Allison Tait:

Allison Tait (A.L. Tait) is the internationally published bestselling author of multiple middle-grade adventure series and now her first contemporary novel, The First Summer of Callie McGee. Allison is also a multi-genre writer, creative writing teacher and speaker. She is co-host of the top-rating Your Kid’s Next Read podcast and former co-host of the So You Want To Be A Writer podcast.

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Mentioned in Podcast:

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Anchored by Debra Tidball

Clutch by M.G.Leonard

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