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Jon Appleton talks Came Back to Show You I Could Fly - KidLit Classics podcast S2, Episode 8

About this episode’s KidLit Classic:

Came Back to Show You I Could Fly is a classic #LoveOzYA book from the 80s and 90s, written by beloved author Robin Klein.

In this episode we discuss the remarkable bookish career of Jon Appleton, an editor, children's book historian and advocate for children's literature. His friendship with Robin Klein (and many authors!) began when he was just a bookwormy kid writing letters to his favourite authors, and we find out why Came Back To Show You I Could Fly is the book closest to his heart.

About this week’s guest, Jon Appleton:

Jon is based in the UK where he is an editor and writing tutor, researches and promotes children's books and authors from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and occasionally writes books about them.

Connect with Jon Appleton: Twitter: @JonAppleton / Website:

Connect with host Sam-Ellen Bound: Instagram @samellenb / Website

Website for Jon and his book, Letters from Robin

Buy Came Back to Show You I Could Fly here

Buy Letters from Robin: A Voyage Around My Author here

A great resource for the history of Australian children's literature: National Centre for Australian Children's Literature

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