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Anna Battese talks Del-Del - Kidlit Classics podcast Episode 4

About this episode’s KidLit Classic:

Del-Del is a YA psychological thriller from prolific Australian writer, Victor Kelleher. Published in 1992, it was shortlisted for the Carnegie medal and nominated for a Ditmar Award.

In this episode we discuss what Del-Del is about, why children’s author Anna Battese loves it, Kelleher's unique writing style and complex world-building, and end with a dramatic reading.

About this week’s guest, Anna Battese

Anna Battese was once a marine biologist, but now spends her days writing children’s stories full of adventure, heart, and the occasional (but always friendly) shark. The first two books in her junior fiction series, PD McPem’s Agency for Mysterious Mysteries, are out now with Yellow Brick books.

Connect with Anna Battese: Instagram: @annabattese / Website:

Connect with host Sam-Ellen Bound: Instagram @samellenb / Website

To find out more about Victor Kelleher go here

Buy Del-Del here

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Anna Battese talks Del-Del by Victor Kelleher, KidLit Classics Episode 4 transcript
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