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Seven Wherewithal Way out in one month!

Seven Wherewithal Way is released in one month!

A culmination of five years work and a lifelong fascination with world folklore, this is the epic portal fantasy series I have always wanted to write.

It’s a little bittersweet, because last year when I signed the deal and we decided on the September 2021 release date for the first book, Melbourne was right in the middle of their second lockdown. I was a little relieved, thinking that Big Bad Covid would be a thing of the past. I could see my book into the world in the way I had always wanted. Joke’s on you, Bound. A lot of Australia’s beautiful bookstores will still be closed for browsing at the end of September, and a lot of the marketing and publicity plans we had planned – tours, events, launches – won’t be happening.

I’m not the first author this has happened to. I understand why, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say the disappointment, anxiety, and fatigue involved in releasing a book into an industry that is perhaps not at its full capability to support it, is incredibly tough. A lot of artists live for their art – I know I do. We want our labours of love to have the best possible chance. A new book only gets released once, and you don’t get the excitement of that time back.

That being said, I’m still enormously proud of this book, I’m excited, and I’m hopeful. Writing this series is an escape for me, and I hope it is an escape for my readers. I love that I can contribute something to the book community that has given so much to me.

So please, keep up your bookstore click-and-collecting. When bookstores re-open, pile in and immerse yourself in the thousands of worlds waiting to be discovered on the shelf. Pre-order books you’re excited for, talk about the books you love, continue appreciating and supporting art.

Keep the magic alive xx


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